Vaccum Tubes

the vacuum tube characterized on its ability to heat water and does not need regular maintenance as conventional system . Tube consists of two bottles separated by a vacuum layer bottle or inner tube coated with a special material and sophisticated X-ray absorption direct and indirect, the absorption is up over 94% and bounce rate (heat loss) Less than 6% The outer tube characterized by their resistance to external weather factors in addition to the carrying capacity of hailstones diameter of 25 to 35 mm , and also features for vacuum tube that More effective because it is proportional survival vertically with the sun because of its cylindrical shape so it have the highest level of radiation absorption along the day ...

  • Not affected by water limestone
  • Not affected by frost as they bear the low temperature between 25 and 30 degrees below zero
  • Is not affected by the winds as they bear the wind speed up to 180 km / h