collector high-pressure

specification of solar collector:

Numbers of tube(pcs) 15-18-20-24-28-30 tubes
Maximum operation pressure(Bar) 6
Test pressure(Bar) 10
Heat transfer fluid Anti-freeze Fluid (Water-Glycol)
warranty 10 years,
The design of this type by our company, a blending of between
the two systems in the world between the high-pressure and
low-pressure Despite the presence of water in the pipes
but he is able to withstand pressure up to 10 bar
keeps us the confidentiality synthesized and mastery own
Highly efficient, safe and effective, new innovation
no need for maintenance
Used in all climates
The adoption of copper pipes to transfer heat faster
and separation of the pressure on the pipeline
Easy to install on roofs or on the surface level or in parks
can support pressure 6 bar
Often used for hotels,Hospitals,Schools,major projects
including the heating of swimming pools