street light

the lamp: power 60W, input voltage: 24V DC

color temo: 3000-6500 K 

operating :IP65

Material : anodized aluminum &toughened Glass

life: 50000 hours

the solar panel : 130W, cell: mono

open circuit current :8.02A

Optimum Operating Voltage:17.4V

Optimum Operating current: 7.45A

life : 25 Years

The Battery :the type  is gel Battery have the advantages of:

1: long life 2: Good performance at hight temperature 3: lower self-discharge 4: Good capacity stability

the life: 5-7 Years



The Control Mode: the charge mode is pulse-width modulation (PWM), the control point voltage is intelligent

mpensation amendment of different discharge rate.

Rated Charge/Discharge CURRENT :10A to 15A

Universal System Voltage 12V or 24V

life : 5 Years