Our History


Tfaily solar energy  Founded in 1987 and is considered one of the first companies in Lebanon area manufacturing solar water heaters  and adopt the company's experience and competence in her productivity has grown and prospered significantly and continues to grow and prosper, and motion past years the company has taken a decision to develop the production and follow-up the latest scientific methods and technical continuously we apply to our products optimally and take advantage of the experiences of the company during her career productivity, so we adopted to earn your trust to provide products (heaters Solar) advanced modern technology, for this and we got to prove our presence in the local market as a leading and successful and her name industrial and professional

The most important achievements:Create the first plant in the Arab world has been outfitted with the latest sophisticated machinery for the manufacture of all types of water heating devices on solar energy.

The company turned from imported Foundation exporter company, offering services to the local and regional level.

Our commitment to maintain our leading position in the production of solar energy at the level of Lebanon and the Arab world and we are convinced that we can make a huge difference, through progress and development and enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit, and support economic progress, and increase awareness to maintain a green environment, and to achieve progress in the field of energy, and alternative energies

Know the latest news and Promotions offered by parasite Solar of models and types and prices to suit all classes in Lebanon, so we got the day after the great effort to produce a Solar high levels and prices low and became today can anyone installing this product unlike past years the proportion of expensive prices The low result

The Factory Is equipped with the latest
technology sophisticated machinery